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Bought on chain

Buying cofee with bitcoin means that we can cut out the middle man and deliver more value to farms and farmers, where it’s needed most.

From El Salvador to the USA

The best beans from the land of coffee and freedom.

Roasted in America

We never compromise on quality and roast the best beans right here in the best country on earth – America.

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Why coffee and bitcoin?

🫱🏻‍🫲🏽 Direct Trade: Cutting out middlemen to bring more value to farmers like Jorge.

🇸🇻 Empowering Communities: On-Chain payments strengthen communities.

☕ Innovative Coffee: Combinbing our passionf or coffee and technology for better quality.


Who we are


We’re a passionate community of coffee lovers and bitcoiners, united by a love of freedom, innovation, and the best money in the world: bitcoin.

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