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Are you tired of hearing some guy grunting while you are trying to watch some porn? Sweetheart Video solves that problem but eliminating men from their site completely. This site is nothing but the hottest lesbian action, all at your fingertips. This site is one of the largest and most professional lesbian sites on the web.

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How large? Well, they have two hundred and seventy thousand unique pictures of girl on girl action. They have nearly three hundred models, with one hundred and thirty dvds and five hundred full length movies. When I say professional, I mean that all of these videos are shot in the latest high quality format, which means no shaky cameras messing up the action. Sweetheart Video opens with various snippets of women going down on each other or breaking out the toys for some playtime. Beneath that is where all of the latest updates are demonstrated; with updates happening three times each day.


Everyone likes Sweetheart Video am I right?

They have a wide selection of women: large and small, light and dark; it really is a mixture of three hundred amazing models. Since they realize that limiting their customers to one type of adult entertainment is not a great deal, no matter how hot the action really is, Sweetheart Video has partnered themselves with four other sites that are included in your membership package. All of these sites can access one large blog, where the models and directors give more insight into the work that is happening on the site, complete with some really great behind-the-scenes work.

Joining up is simple. A three day trial for all five sites will only cost $2.95, while a full month will be $29.95. The year price is highly discounted, and breaks down to $95.40 a year, a wonderful value. So if you want to see women’s mouths full of each other, then you need to see everything that is happening at Sweetheart Video.