Reality Kings Discount

Reality Kings brands itself as the “World’s Best Reality Porn Site”, and they work very hard to make sure that they live up to that tagline. Business first: Reality Kings maintains some of the most stringent guidelines to make sure that nobody under eighteen participates in their action. Once you get past this you are greeted by the main page with the reality kings discount where they proudly present their “Voted World’s Best” placard which touts their thirty eight high definition sites.

Normal Signup Cost $39.95 per month

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The main page is well-organized, with the latest, hottest action up top. Reality Kings claim to fame is their real, amateur action that is filmed every day of the week. Reality Kings updates the site daily, with the newest high definition videos shot in their very own studios. From the main page, it is easy to access their tabs where they detail their all- time, hottest scenes. Judging from the sheer amount of content available on this tab, their claim of having the largest collection available on the web is well founded.

One of the most impressive features is the amount of models that Reality Kings has on their site. As of the last review, they counted over six thousand smoking hot women for your viewing pleasure.


Reality is Good at Reality Kings!

Each model has a page dedicated to their latest sexual exploits, and offers a short trailer of the action that they are offering. Another great feature of Reality Kings is that they are in linked with multiple adult sites across the web such as Milf Hunter and the infamous VIP crew.

All of these are available when you sign up for a membership through Reality Kings’ website. When it comes to membership, they have a lot to offer for a little bit of money. If you just want a taste of the action, you can get a two day membership for only $4.95. A full month will cost you $17.95, but if you sign up for the full year membership, each month will only cost you $7.95.

Remember, this membership gives you access to thirty eight of the hottest websites available on the internet today. There is no need to wait, go get up close and personal with these high definition women today.