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If you’re a fan of How I Met Your Mother, then you should be the unknown pal of Barney Stinson. And you know he says, new is always better … even porn contents are not an exemption to that. By watching the same thing over and over again, what happens? Simple: You feel dry, mundane and there’s just no element of excitement anymore. And that is where something new should come into play. Something like the FTV Girls.

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FTV Girls is among the most popular soft core porn sites of today. It is specialized in filming smokin’ hot prurient women as they do their favorite sexual activities, may it be masturbation or intercourse with one, two or more men in the process. The crazy thing here is that all the girls being filmed are still fresh to doing sex, which means it’s their initial de-virgin phase.

Unlike most porn sites, this one will not give you the disgusted aftermath, because from beginning to end, the videos seem pretty neat yet dirty – if you know what I mean just like the ftv girls discount they have.


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FTV Girls is one hell of a gem site. It’s like no other. The price may be steep for 29.95 dollars, but rest assured all you’re going to see are premium quality videos with girls of ultimate primacy and prowess. They are all fresh and yummy and oh so lovely, you wouldn’t want to miss them.