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Not long ago, I was wondering where AJ Applegate went to. I thought she had finally decided to end her pornographic career and finally pursue college and get a neat, white collared job, and get married with a sharp looking guy. I even imagined her having a kid already. But I was wrong and somehow, I was glad. She’s got a new gig going and this time, she’s doing interracial. In a new abode is where I found her, not sitting by a corner but lying in the middle with a white guy on the left and a black on the right. It’s in a place called the Dogfart Network.

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The name of the site looks dirty, so as its contents. But definitely in a way that you would love, of course. To tell you the truth, I never really liked black guys (just joking), I mean the thought of them having sex with a white girl. But then again, I was wrong. A girl like AJ Applegate and a macho black guy doing the booty shake naked together, man, it’s just so intense.

The Dogfart Network by the way is an interracial porn site, which means all you’re going to see here are white woman pounded by black guys and sometimes threesomes with white guys. And sometimes, it’s vice the versa with black women on white guys.


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