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Have you ever wondered what happens when you take a beautiful emo girl and put her in the world of adult entertainment? Burning Angel provides a very sexy answer to this question. Their site specializes in nothing but the hottest emo porn action that the internet has ever seen.

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Tattooed girls of every size and shape populate this site, with almost a thousand of the hottest hardcore girls performing every kind of sex act with a name. The biggest drawing point of Burning Angel is that they specialize in movie porn; that means actresses and a script to follow. All of these are available for download and DVD, and they have won five separate AVN awards a result of their work. Aside from the five hundred videos and over three thousand pictures, this site also features a unique video chat area, where you can meet and speak with all of your favorite stars. You can even make special requests for their performances if you ask nicely and open your wallet a little bit.


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The site’s setup is one of the best, with all of their latest work and updates as soon as you log on, and the navigation bar across the top. They like to keep their fans updated on all of their gigs, so they have an extensive forum system where the emo babes can talk about their up and coming videos and picture shoots. You can also speak with the writers and directors, maybe even give them a few ideas about what you would like to see in the future. When it comes to categories, this site has everything that a standard porn site has, but with more ink.

Girl on girl, blowjobs, POV- all of the most fun things that you can have a good time looking at. However, it you are going to start checking out all of this crazy, hot action, you are going to have to sign up first. They are usually running one of their promos that gives you extra time on a trial version. The price breakdown is this: $2.95 for a three day membership. $29.95 for a full month. A year will be discounted, and will only cost $95.40. So if you are ready and willing to see the hottest emo rocker girls on the net, then head over to Burning Angel and see what they are all about.