DogFart Discount

Not long ago, I was wondering where AJ Applegate went to. I thought she had finally decided to end her pornographic career and finally pursue college and get a neat, white collared job, and get married with a sharp looking guy. I even imagined her having a kid already. But I was wrong and somehow, I was glad. She’s got a new gig going and this time, she’s doing interracial. In a new abode is where I found her, not sitting by a corner but lying in the middle with a white guy on the left and a black on the right. It’s in a place called the Dogfart Network.

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The name of the site looks dirty, so as its contents. But definitely in a way that you would love, of course. To tell you the truth, I never really liked black guys (just joking), I mean the thought of them having sex with a white girl. But then again, I was wrong. A girl like AJ Applegate and a macho black guy doing the booty shake naked together, man, it’s just so intense.

The Dogfart Network by the way is an interracial porn site, which means all you’re going to see here are white woman pounded by black guys and sometimes threesomes with white guys. And sometimes, it’s vice the versa with black women on white guys.


Pure Hot Beauties Getting Pummeled at DogFart!

There’s just a plethora of awesome stuff to watch at the Dogfart discount network. For one, there are over 3125 scenes from over the 21 sites it holds. There are 570,000 and continuously growing number of high quality photographs that you can download for convenient prurient pleasure. Everything is just premium with this site, including the models like Brandi Love, Valentina Nappi, Sheena Shaw and so much more. Just imagine those white redhead, gossamer skin, noticeably beautiful cheekbones with mouths sucking and fucking black dicks, white dongs. The satisfaction you’ll reap from it is just priceless.

For as low as 29.99 bucks, you get all the amazing content goodies from the vividly amazing Dogfart Network. There is also the added bonus of possibly finding a mate through the community forums. Enjoy, mate!

FTV Girls Discount

If you’re a fan of How I Met Your Mother, then you should be the unknown pal of Barney Stinson. And you know he says, new is always better … even porn contents are not an exemption to that. By watching the same thing over and over again, what happens? Simple: You feel dry, mundane and there’s just no element of excitement anymore. And that is where something new should come into play. Something like the FTV Girls.

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FTV Girls is among the most popular soft core porn sites of today. It is specialized in filming smokin’ hot prurient women as they do their favorite sexual activities, may it be masturbation or intercourse with one, two or more men in the process. The crazy thing here is that all the girls being filmed are still fresh to doing sex, which means it’s their initial de-virgin phase.

Unlike most porn sites, this one will not give you the disgusted aftermath, because from beginning to end, the videos seem pretty neat yet dirty – if you know what I mean just like the ftv girls discount they have.


See their First Time Videos at FTV Girls Today!

There are tons of hotties. For one, you’ll see nothing less than beautiful girls that will definitely allure you. They will make you drool and separate your head out of where you are, as though you are having actual sex with them. Secondly, every girl holds a genuine personality, which means you don’t get the feel as though you’re only watching clones for every woman has their own nuance. Last but not the least, you’ll hear nothing more than real orgasms. I mean, dude, we’re talking about curious and desperate first-timers here on FTV Girls. It’s safe to assume that these pie holes will scream it out loud once they get penetrated by those jumbo sized cocks.

FTV Girls is one hell of a gem site. It’s like no other. The price may be steep for 29.95 dollars, but rest assured all you’re going to see are premium quality videos with girls of ultimate primacy and prowess. They are all fresh and yummy and oh so lovely, you wouldn’t want to miss them.

Dare Dorm Discount

Dare Dorm has gone from strength to strength since it first launched and is now one of the world’s most visited porn sites. Here you will find videos that cater to all types of sexual fetishes and niches, with content featuring some of the most beautiful girls in the world. Looking for sexy girls and videos with the highest production values around? Well you’ve come to the right place.

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Dare Dorm has a loyal fan base who enjoy the videos, and you could be part of that group too by joining up which is easy and simple to do with the dare dorm discount visible. Just choose a user name and password which you will need in order to access your online account, and then enter a few personal details which are required for the registration such as a valid email address. Once you have selected your preferred method of payment you will then receive an electronic receipt to your inbox which will confirm your order.

Keep this for future reference if you wish to do so. You will also need to look out for a welcome email which will be sent directly to your inbox. Click on the link which has been embedded into the body of this email in order to complete the registration process and then enjoy the vast amount of video content of Dare Dorm.


The Dare Dorm is the Best Dorm!

All new videos on the site are listed on the main landing page so this is a good place to start. Use the search feature to find your favorite actresses and movies or use one of the navigation menus and tools which will take you from one part of the website to another. You will notice how easy it is to use the website; the color scheme is contemporary and the whole site has been designed well.

On Dare Dorm, you will find over 100 videos for your viewing pleasure. Although you cannot download these videos directly onto your computer, you can watch them using an in built streaming player which is easy to use and rarely buffers or loads. If you have trouble, then just speak to one of the company’s friendly representatives you will be able to assist you and provide you with some technical help. Several of these videos are also available in high definition and there are numerous video caps which you can also view.

Naughty America Discount

Naughty America is one of the world’s most popular adult entertainment websites; videos are updated frequently and there is a wide rage of content that you can access. The site has garnered a loyal fan base over the years and has gone from strength to strength since its inception, with videos that cater to a number of different sexual niches and fetishes.

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The first thing you will notice when visiting Naughty America is the vast amount of content that is on offer. Here you will find some of the most beautiful girls that you can find anywhere on the internet, with numerous photo galleries and images. The site is easy to navigate around and because there is a such a large amount of content, using the effective search feature is advisable. Search for your favorite scene, movie or actress and you will be provided with a list of results within seconds.

The website is updated frequently, and all new updates are listed on the main landing page. The Naughty America discount logo is printed at the top of the page, and each new video here has a description and a preview of the content.


Wow, the Girls at Naughty America are Hot!

Naughty America allows the user to visit one part of the site to another with ease, and there are a number of navigation menus and tools which allow you to do this. The site has also been designed extremely well, with a contemporary design and color scheme. For those who do require further assistance when playing a video, or need some advice on how to make the most out of the website’s numerous features, they can contact a customer representative and they will be given a speedy and helpful response.

There are over 5,000 videos that you can watch on the site, which is a huge amount, as well as over 4,000 picture sets. The picture sets are in a great resolution and quality and can be downloaded directly onto your computer using the Zip file format. Join the Naughty America network today.

Devils Film Promo Code

Devils Film is just as wicked as it sounds, and you will immediately why it is called the devil’s playground. They have all of the most famous niches that you know and love. Anal, gangbang, lesbians; you can find just about anything that you want to see here. They have an amazing track record, and stats that make other sites jealous of their size.

Normal Signup Cost $29.95 per month

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As of right now, they have over six thousand different scenes that are captured out of over one thousand different videos. They have literally lost count of the number of pictures that they have on this site, but there are well over one hundred thousand. Every week, they have up to two full DVDs worth of new material updated to the website, all but ensuring that you will never run out of fresh material to watch. While Devils Film has a full amateur section on the website, their greatest achievement is undoubtedly the fact that they have several different web series’ that are exclusive to the site. You will not see these DVDs anywhere else for sale.


The Devil is at his Best on Devils Film!

These movies an series’ are not just average, amateur-produced garbage, they are AVN award-winning series that have a very dedicated audience. The Devils Film site itself is very colorful and laid out rather well. All of their movies, DVDs and models have different sections of the site dedicated to them, meaning that you will be able to find what you are looking for without a problem.

Joining Devils Film is simple and you can soon find out the only detriment to the site. They are much more expensive than other sites, because they do not offer a decent discount for a full year of membership like other sites tend to do. For a month, you will pay the full $29.99, and for a year, you can expect to pay close to $250, which is double what most sites charge. All things considered, the material is good, the quality is great, but the price is just too much for the average consumer to spend.

Wicked Pictures Discount

Wicked Pictures is one of the oldest adult entertainment websites on the web today. They single-handedly paved the way for porn sites as we know them today. This site in particular specializes in the production and sale of DVD quality adult entertainment. More than anything else, the stats on this site are absolutely astounding.

Normal Signup Cost $29.99 per month

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For example, Wicked Pictures has over three thousand high quality videos available for download or sale. Speaking of the high quality, all of their new videos are shot in the latest 1080p high definition, so you will not see any of the grainy, 90’s quality porn on this site. Out of their three thousand different videos, five hundred of them are award winning DVDs. This speaks to the overall quality of the product that they are offering; a fifth of their videos have won awards!

Right now, their site is home to over one thousand absolutely stunning models that appear in their total forty eight thousand videos and the wicked pictures discount adds even more value. The site is broken down into the sales portion, where they show you the latest and best rated movies, and the community section. Wicked Pictures has extensive forums where you can communicate with some of the models as well as other members of the website. This gives you an opportunity to rate and discuss the different videos on the site.


Exclusive Wickedness at Wicked Pictures!

Coordinating with their forums and community areas is an web cam section, where you can meet the models and request private shows if you are willing to pay for them. For your membership with the site, you get access to all of these different videos as well as unlimited downloads of their material. The models themselves are not all amateurs, and you can find some of the biggest names in adult entertainment on this site, but certainly not on the private forums.

If you are interesting in joining Wicked Pictures, then all you need to do is head over to their membership page via the join now button on the navigation bar. Once there, you will be offered a membership option for a month, which costs $29.99, as well as a full year price which costs $109.88; a highly discounted price. All things considered, this site is average, but will do the trick if you want an affordable site with the option to buy DVDs.

VideoBox Discount

Have you been looking around the internet for the largest collection of adult entertainment anywhere? Well, it has been found and the name is VideoBox. They have the absolute largest collection of porn anywhere on the web. Do you want to know how big?

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Like most things, big enough that you need to see it for yourself, but here are some of the stats. They have almost seventeen thousand different movies and over ninety thousand different porn scenes. Are you ready for the biggest number? They have two hundred and fifty thousand different porn clips. This is almost three times larger than the next largest site.

VideoBox has a full five hundred and fifty studios that they use to film their adult entertainment, which is the most in the business and bigger than the production sets of most Hollywood movies. They even have twelve thousand of the hottest women on the web, from the professionals to the amateurs, all waiting to be filmed for your viewing pleasure. Now, at this point you may be wondering if they have enough niches. As of right now, they have over one hundred different niches to fulfill all of your needs. Anal, blowjobs, facials- you name, and they got it.


A Box Full of Hot Videos are at VideoBox!

The VideoBox site itself is broken down into the latest and the most popular when you first log on. They have all of the top ranked downloads from the day on the front page, with the less popular ones as you scale the page. One of the ways that they keep the website populated is by partnering with many other familiar sites, also producing a great deal of high definition adult entertainment in the process. Not all of the videos on VideoBox are shot in the 1080p high definition, but more and more of them are being produced all the time.

Now, you must be wondering how to join this great site. The membership page is on the navigation bar, and will show you the prices. They do not have a trial period available, that is just how confident they are that you won’t be able to resist their site. A month will cost you $15 and only $12 with our videobox discount applied, which is incredibly cheap compared to other sites. They even offer a full year price that is only $8 a month! So what are you waiting for? Go over to Videobox and lose yourself in its massiveness!

X Art Discount

If you want to see a lighter side of the adult entertainment business, you should consider going to X Art. They do not have all of the hardcore action that you can see on other websites, they want to show the more erotic side of the business.

Normal Signup Cost $39.95 per month

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That is not to say that they do not have smoking hot sex, in fact they have some of the hottest women on the internet. Each of their models is selected for her beauty and ability, they do not accept any amateurs on X Art. Aside from the high quality models, they also have high quality camera work.

All of their films are shot in high definition, and you will not see a grainy film in the whole collections. Speaking of their collection, they currently have over five hundred different videos that are available for download or even on DVD when you become a member with the x art discount provided. They have a single update each day, which is typically one video. Do not let this fool you though, what they lack in quantity, they make up for with quality.


X-Rated Art at X Art!

Another benefit to joining X Art is that they have online video chat which lets you talk with the models, and even request private sessions. Also, they have an extensive behind the scenes section where you can see how they produce each video while getting to know some of their models even better.

Overall, the layout of the website is rather plain, with their latest and most popular scenes on the homepage, and a navigation bar to get you to the other parts of the site. In order to join XArt, you need to go to the members page to sign up. They have several deals like any other adult entertainment site. For a month, you will pay $39.95, which is a great deal of money vs most sites, but quality is guaranteed. If you want to go for the entire year, then you can get a full year for only $99.99. This is a great value, and gives you full access to the site, including some extra features. So if you want to see the most beautiful collection of erotica on the net, then go to X Art.

Sweetheart Video Promo Code

Are you tired of hearing some guy grunting while you are trying to watch some porn? Sweetheart Video solves that problem but eliminating men from their site completely. This site is nothing but the hottest lesbian action, all at your fingertips. This site is one of the largest and most professional lesbian sites on the web.

Normal Signup Cost $39.95 per month

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How large? Well, they have two hundred and seventy thousand unique pictures of girl on girl action. They have nearly three hundred models, with one hundred and thirty dvds and five hundred full length movies. When I say professional, I mean that all of these videos are shot in the latest high quality format, which means no shaky cameras messing up the action. Sweetheart Video opens with various snippets of women going down on each other or breaking out the toys for some playtime. Beneath that is where all of the latest updates are demonstrated; with updates happening three times each day.


Everyone likes Sweetheart Video am I right?

They have a wide selection of women: large and small, light and dark; it really is a mixture of three hundred amazing models. Since they realize that limiting their customers to one type of adult entertainment is not a great deal, no matter how hot the action really is, Sweetheart Video has partnered themselves with four other sites that are included in your membership package. All of these sites can access one large blog, where the models and directors give more insight into the work that is happening on the site, complete with some really great behind-the-scenes work.

Joining up is simple. A three day trial for all five sites will only cost $2.95, while a full month will be $29.95. The year price is highly discounted, and breaks down to $95.40 a year, a wonderful value. So if you want to see women’s mouths full of each other, then you need to see everything that is happening at Sweetheart Video.

Burning Angel Promo Code

Have you ever wondered what happens when you take a beautiful emo girl and put her in the world of adult entertainment? Burning Angel provides a very sexy answer to this question. Their site specializes in nothing but the hottest emo porn action that the internet has ever seen.

Normal Signup Cost $29.95 per month

67% OFF 30 DAY Joins $9.95




Tattooed girls of every size and shape populate this site, with almost a thousand of the hottest hardcore girls performing every kind of sex act with a name. The biggest drawing point of Burning Angel is that they specialize in movie porn; that means actresses and a script to follow. All of these are available for download and DVD, and they have won five separate AVN awards a result of their work. Aside from the five hundred videos and over three thousand pictures, this site also features a unique video chat area, where you can meet and speak with all of your favorite stars. You can even make special requests for their performances if you ask nicely and open your wallet a little bit.


Watch the Burning Angels get Pounded!

The site’s setup is one of the best, with all of their latest work and updates as soon as you log on, and the navigation bar across the top. They like to keep their fans updated on all of their gigs, so they have an extensive forum system where the emo babes can talk about their up and coming videos and picture shoots. You can also speak with the writers and directors, maybe even give them a few ideas about what you would like to see in the future. When it comes to categories, this site has everything that a standard porn site has, but with more ink.

Girl on girl, blowjobs, POV- all of the most fun things that you can have a good time looking at. However, it you are going to start checking out all of this crazy, hot action, you are going to have to sign up first. They are usually running one of their promos that gives you extra time on a trial version. The price breakdown is this: $2.95 for a three day membership. $29.95 for a full month. A year will be discounted, and will only cost $95.40. So if you are ready and willing to see the hottest emo rocker girls on the net, then head over to Burning Angel and see what they are all about.